No Longer Available - Stanley Gibbons Highgrove World Leaves

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Start collecting stamps from around the globe with this brand-new beginner friendly album from Stanley Gibbons.

Featuring an easy-to-use index, first arranged by Continent and then separated by country, the Highgrove World Set of Leaves makes sure you’ll have no trouble finding a home for any stamp you come across within it’s country titled pages.

With spaces for the most popular countries, this unique set of leaves are perfect for any budding collector looking to add some structure to their collection. The leaves have been created to fit the Stanley Gibbons 22 Ring binders as well as the Stanley Gibbons Spring back binder.

Once a page is filled the Stanley Gibbons blank and quadrille leaves fit seamlessly with the Highgrove, allowing a collector to keep expanding their collection.

The perfect replacement for the Stanley Gibbons Worldex Series.


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Sorry - this product is no longer available.

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