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India has enjoyed much-deserved popularity in recent years and is now among the most popular countries to collect. Its constituent States, both Convention and Feudatory, suffered decades of unpopularity but now the 'primitive' nature of many of them seems designed to appeal to the modern age; interest is fast-growing. Discoveries may still be made by the observant collector, with the locally-produced issues lending themselves to detailed study, although most collectors will find that a simple one-of-each approach is enough of a challenge!

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I.F.S. BHOPAL 1936 SGO338b Official

Stock Code: P201000052


Stock Code: P201002882

I.F.S. BARWANI 1933 SG41B Mint

Stock Code: P178008684

I.F.S. BUNDI 1915 SGO10A/19A Official

Stock Code: P190010402

I.F.S. KISHANGARH 1943 SG91a Mint

Stock Code: P212002894

I.F.S. JAIPUR 1928 SGO12 Official

Stock Code: P212002892