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Telegraphs used to be one of the most important methods of communication in the world. In fact telegraph stamps were even created for the sole purpose of prepaying telegraph fees. So you would write a telegraph and then attach a telegraph stamp for the telegraph to be sent faster than an actual letter. But due to their cost, they were never as popular as normal postage stamps and finding mint condition ones is difficult. It’s still an interesting area of stamp collecting to pursue though.

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CEYLON 1892 SGT134, 136/7 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010717

CEYLON 1910 SGT180/4 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010719

CEYLON 1910 SGT180/4 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010718

CEYLON 1882 SGT53a Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010697

CEYLON 1882 SGT87 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010699

CEYLON 1882 SGT54 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010698

CEYLON 1881 SGT11 Telegraph

Stock Code: P212010687