October 2019


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How can I start a new account?

  • Click the My Account button on the top left banner section of the website
  • Enter your details in each field
  • Select your subscription preference to let us know what you would like to hear about
  • Click the Register button

What can I now access with my new account?

You can now view and track orders, create a wish list, edit preferences, browse purchased digital catalogues and subscribe to My Collection and Gibbons Stamp Monthly. 

I've forgotten my password. How can I get a new one?

  • Click the My Account button on the top left banner section of the website
  • Click the Forgot Password arrow button
  • Enter your email address in the field 
  • Click the Reset Password

Password reset instructions will be sent to your email address. 

I haven't received reset instructions. What can I do?

  • Check the Spam/Junk folders of your email 
  • Contact Customer Support at support@stanleygibbons.com, if you're still not able to find the instructions

I've changed my e-mail address. How can I update this?

  • Click the My Account button on the top left banner section of the website
  • Edit the email field on the My Account page under "your details"

My addresses have changed. How can I change them on my Stanley Gibbons account? 

  • Click the My Account button on the top left banner section of the website
  • The second tab on your account page is Addresses 
  • Enter your new address in the blank fields 
  • Mark as default billing or default shipping address



I need an expert opinion on my collection of stamps. How can I speak to a specialist?

We are happy to give advice on the potential value of single stamps, postal history and collections. In fact anything philatelic that you may wish to sell. However, please note that not all collections are valuable. At Stanley Gibbons, we look for only the highest quality material and purchase only a small percentage of the material we see at valuations. 

  • Contact our Auctions team using the valuations page here
  • Briefly describe what you have for sale
  • Attach sample photos of what you believe to be the oldest, best condition and most valuable stamps

What are some less valuable stamps?

Please check if your collection has some of these items:

  • Modern commemorative issues and first-day covers (Post 1960’s): Postal authorities throughout the world have promoted and issued these in vast numbers and unfortunately they have limited resale value.
  • Royalty omnibus issues: Royal Weddings, births or visits etc. although lovely souvenirs of the event they again have limited resale value.
  • “Schoolboy” collections, perhaps better described, as accumulations. They tend to contain stamps in small “All world” paperback albums from various countries and are often postmarked or cut directly from envelopes. Quality is often atrocious with many of the stamps creased, torn or even with large chunks missing. Quality is paramount with stamp collecting and collections of this type are very rarely of any value.
  • Old stamps: Not all old stamps are valuable. Letter writing was the number one form of communication prior to the telephone and the internet, even stamps from the 19th century have survived in huge quantities and are often of little value.

My Collection and GSM subscriptions

When does my online subscription begin?

Please be aware that subscriptions can take up to 72 hours to process, but once activated you will receive a welcome email with further direction. With Single Sign On you will not need a new username and password, your credentials are the same for all Stanley Gibbons' platforms.

When does my online subscription end?

You will receive a notification four weeks prior to the end date of their subscription.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

With our new Single Sign On, your password is the same across;

Stanley Gibbons

The Strand Auctions

My Collection

Gibbons Stamp Monthly Online

If you reset your password in 1 it changes for all.

The reset password link can be found here.

How do I use the Search Filter?

You will be able to start updating your version of My Collection by:

• Adding your mint and used stamps, as well as including your own details, including images
• Adding your mint and used wants
• Including your mint and used stamps in relevant albums.

Learn more about Search Filters on My Collection

How do I add/delete stamps on My Collection?

Follow this guide to Add and Delete Stamps:

• An overview of the Stamp Search page, including enlarging images
• Adding stamp sets and individual stamps in your collection (denoted by a C)
• Adding wants (denoted by a W)
• How changes affect the Collection Summary, and how to search for just your stamps or wants
• Deleting and amending selections for stamps and wants
• Keeping a printed record or PDF.

How do I customise My Collection?

Follow this guide to Customise My Collection:

• Set up/delete albums and adding/deleting stamps to/from albums
• Standard stamps: Add your personal details as well as images
• Unlisted stamps: Add stamps not covered within the Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World catalogue.

How can I take My Collection on the go?

Follow this guide to:

• View Stanley Gibbons catalogue values
• Making the most out of the Collection Summary page
Export/download your stamp details.

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