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New Albums & Accessories Licensing Partnership

We have been looking at ways to offer a better and improved range of stamp albums and accessories products for our customers and as a result we have decided to license the production and distribution of Stanley Gibbons stamps albums and accessories to Dauwalders.   

We are extremely excited to introduce Dauwalders as our new albums and accessories licensing partner. Dauwalders are specialists in albums and accessories and have been trading for over 60 years. They are based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and are as committed and passionate about the hobby as we are.   

They will be taking over all aspects of the albums and accessories side of the business, from production to fulfilment; this will also include the full range of Davo products.   

Stanley Gibbons will continue to provide the designs of the album pages to Dauwalders to ensure consistency throughout the range and with the catalogues. We will work closely with Dauwalders on improvements and new introductions to the product lines.   

“We are very pleased to work with Stanley Gibbons by adding their full range of stamp albums and accessories to our present services.  

In 2018 we took over from Duncannon and have had 5 successful years supplying the Lighthouse and Hawid brands, wholesale and retail. Plus, many years prior to that supplying our own goods.  

We will of course be continuing with our current range of stamps and accessories and see this as an opportunity to provide a truly comprehensive service to our loyal customers.” Paul & Chris Dauwalder  

All changes will take effect from October 16th and to help answer any immediate questions please click here (FAQ).  If you don't find the answer to your query please contact us at or call the customer service team on +44 1425 472363

Stanley Gibbons will of course continue to serve our customers with catalogues, our digital products and stamps through retail and auction which will all continue to be provided by the team at Stanley Gibbons. This licensing partnership with Dauwalders is for Stanley Gibbons albums & accessories. Everyone here at Stanley Gibbons is excited about the year ahead and we look forward to sharing some of our new initiatives with you.   With best wishes,   


Tom Pickford   

CEO, Stanley Gibbons Group.   


Binders - You can now keep your entire collection in one type of binder, allowing for a more consistent look to your collection whilst making no sacrifice on quality, feel or prestige. Handmade exclusively for Stanley Gibbons and our customers. With our new binder range, you can now buy one type of binder and fit thirty-seven different types of supplement/album leaves inside. Giving you the flexibility in the way you collect, whilst allowing you to have a continuation display of binders on your shelf for a more aesthetic look.

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Blank Album Pages

Blank Album Leaves - This fine quality range of blank album leaves are cream coloured and acid free. Designed to be able to work with our Kensington, Sandringham & Regent ranges offering complete customisation and flexibility to layout your collection.

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Windsor Pages a

GB Printed Pages - Each printed album system is tailored to follow an award-winning Stanley Gibbons catalogue, providing a high-quality album system unlike any other. From the entry-level Monarch that pairs with the Collect British Stamps to the detailed Windsor follow Great Britain Concise. Yearly supplements are available for both the Monarch and Windsor album systems, ensuring that a collector can always keep growing their collection

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SG Booklet  - SG Booklet Leaves are great for the new collector all the way through to the advanced niche collector. These ingenious leaves allow for versatility in your collection.

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Commonwealth Printed Classic Albums  - The Commonwealth Classic albums are a detailed luxury album system, with a set of albums dedicated to a separate Monarch and the releases across the commonwealth during their reign. Each album set is enclosed in an exquisite deep red set of binders and matching slipcases, with the volume numbers, crest, and name of the regent on the cover. The Commonwealth Classic albums are a must for any dedicated collector.

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GB Country Albums

Luxury Mounted Country Albums - Stanley Gibbons luxury printed country albums are created to cover any collector’s speciality by geography. With Great Britain, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia all having their own album sets with yearly supplements ensuring these album systems will always be up to date. Each leaf comes with mounts prefixed to each page. The binders and slipcases are finished in padded marine blue faux leather, and the leaves are a brilliant white high-grade matt paper.


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Exhibition Binders, Pages, Protectors & Cases  - The Stanley Gibbons exhibition range draws on over 160 years of expert knowledge. The handcrafted Balmoral and Clarendon ranges are exquisitely finished to exhibit the finest collections. Leaves in the exhibition range use a 240gsm cream high-grade paper, ensuring quality every time. Acid-free exhibition protectors ensure that the exhibition range has everything an exhibitor could need


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Printed Country Album Supplements - Our brand new album supplements provide you with the ideal opportunity to update your albums to include the very latest issues


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 Watermark Detector -  The Stanley Gibbons Detectamark makes it easy to discover those hidden rarities.  Its simple to use and the versatile colour settings and adjustable light source provide additional help when identifying the more difficult watermarks.

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Colour Key

Colour Key -  An essential stamp collecting accessory, the Stanley Gibbons Colour Key is the best guide to philatelic colours and shades available. Designed with 200 colours featured on punched colour panels and supplied in a plastic case, the Stanley Gibbons

Colour Key allows collectors to quickly and easily identify the colour and shades of their stamps.


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Instanta Perf Gauge

Instanta Perforation Gauge - The perforation gauge measures the number of perforations within the measure of 2 centimetres. Perforations are a stamp’s ‘teeth’ and their measurements vary according to the type of perforating machine used. Often the stamp’s top and bottom ‘perfs’ differ from those at the sides (called a ‘compound perforation’), and measurements range from 7 (large holes) to about 18 (small holes)


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