British Commonwealth


British Asia's philatelic history is full of interest, reflecting the frequent upheavals of geopolitics. Areas such as Burma, Ceylon, Hong Kong and the island of Borneo are also outstandingly popular choices for the collector. Malaya and its States represent a wonderful field with lots of provisional surcharges and other issues, fueled by postal need rather than for the purpose of fleecing the collector of the time. Again, it is among the most popular choices for the twenty-first century. Its modern constituent, Sarawak, with its 'White Rajah' history, is another romantic choice, as is North Borneo (now Sabah); Brunei is an interesting field, along with Labuan.

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MALAYA - F.M.S. 1922 SG82 Mint

Stock Code: P212004822

MALAYA - PERAK 1887 SG31 Mint

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MALAYA - JOHORE 1922 SG127s/8s Specimen

Stock Code: P212004823

MALAYA - STRAITS 1902 SG122s Specimen

Stock Code: P212004810

MALAYA - STRAITS 1906 SG167 Used

Stock Code: P212004807

MALAYA - STRAITS 1904 SG129a Mint

Stock Code: P212004809