SG Auction Room (1)

The SG Auction Room

Discover Stanley Gibbons' dedicated auction space

The basement area of our newly renovated building is the home of Stanley Gibbons Auctions in which viewings and auctions are hosted. While we welcome bidders to join our auctions online, participating in our lively auctions experience in lively Central London is highly encouraged.  

Stanley Gibbons have hosted auctions in a great many venues since their first in 1901, but for more than 50 years the Stanley Gibbons Auction House has resided on the lower ground floor of 399 Strand. 

The auction room was fully redesigned in 2020 and can accommodate up to 40 live bidders (plus agents) in a theatre-style layout - we have also been known to accommodate classroom and cabaret-style layouts for specialist events.  

Take a Tour

All three floors of Stanley Gibbons, now accessible to collectors online. Take a 360° virtual tour and see what the newly-renovated stamp emporium has to offer collectors.

Within the auction room you will find industry memorabilia -including an original petition poster from 1837 asking for signatures to support the demand for a universal penny postage. And the rostrum end wall features an example of early cartography discovered in our vaults some years ago - we now use this image as a feature of our Signature Auction catalogues. 

A modern Stanley Gibbons auction will feature, on average, over 1,000 lots and -as well as the bidders in the room- our customers can also bid online or by phone during a sale, greatly increasing our potential audience and reach. 

For free auctions valuations, please begin your online valuation or visit our shop at 399 Strand between the hours of 10-12am every weekday.