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Many collectors prefer to collect mint stamps, with designs unblemished by a cancellation. Others are convinced that postage stamps were meant to be used for postal purposes and that 'cancelled' is the only way to collect! There are numerous different grades of used stamps; neat circular datestamps (cdss), duplexes, 'slogan' cancels where a datestamp is combined with a boxed phrase ('Dig For Victory') or wavy lines, heavy parcel obliterators or sometimes manuscript cancels. Each has its place. By definition, stamps in used condition have had postal, telegraphic or fiscal use and have been cancelled accordingly, the condition of gum, or any that might be left of it, is inconsequential. A very fine example of the cancellation itself is what is important here. A crisp, upright circular datestamp (cds) on a surface printed issue, for example, carries a very high premium and is much sought after.

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