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Plate Proofs

A Plate Proof impression would be taken from the 'printing base' (i.e. the plate from which the stamps would be printed) after it had been constructed in order to check the layout, alignment and details of every individual impression. Often the plate did need some modifications or correction at this stage of production and these were often marked on the proofs, indicating the problems to be attended to. In the past, such proofs were retained in the printer's archives, but since these have been dispersed some are now more readily available, and are of considerable interest to specialists.

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GB 1865 SG98 Pl.4 Plate Proof Unused o.g. (PJ)

Stock Code: P190017121

GB 1911 SG. Proof

Stock Code: G1674283

GB 1913 SG399var Plate Proof in brown

Stock Code: G1674227

GB 1911 SG327var Proof

Stock Code: P16700831

GB 1913 SG399var Plate Proof in red

Stock Code: G1671766

GB 1865 SG96var Proof

Stock Code: G1564805

GB 1911 SG. Proof

Stock Code: G1564554

GB 1867 SG118var Proof

Stock Code: G1564261