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Stamp forgeries are meant to either defraud the postal authorities or collectors. Unique forgeries designed to fool the postal authorities can be quite valuable, but ones designed to fool collectors are usually not very valuable. While the internet is full of forgeries, all stamps offered by Stanley Gibbons have been vetted by our experts, and bear a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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NORTH BORNEO 1944 SG. Forgery

Stock Code: P201005947

I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SG22 Forgery

Stock Code: P201004965

MALTA 1860 SG1 Forgery

Stock Code: P190014567

I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SGO2B, 3B, 19B Forgery

Stock Code: P190010693

I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SG38, 39a Forgery

Stock Code: P190010689

I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SGO22B Forgery

Stock Code: P190010687