No Longer Available - Stanley Gibbons Dual Wave UV Lamp

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The archetypal tool to detect phosphor papers and inks for the majority of the 20th Century Machin stamps of Great Britain, Israel, USA, Finland and the early phosphors of , Norway, Mexico, France, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Russia and later issues of Canada and Mexico. The lamp has a spectrum of 254 to 390 nm (nanometers) and therefore covers both "short" and "long" wavelengths.

Requires 4 x AAA Batteries, Not supplied.


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Sorry - this product is no longer available.

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Ultraviolet Lamp features:


• Broad wavelength covers both short-wave and long-
wave phosphors
• Detects fluorescent bands, papers and other devices
• Detects cleaned pen cancellations and paper repairs
• Powerful bulb gives much stronger reaction than
other lamps

• Effective in daylight and artificial light using special
• The eye-piece incorporates a watchmakers glass for
viewing detail
• Plug provided for “sweep” viewing
• Quick release power button for easy use

• Robustly built with rubberised edges to withstand
occasional knocks
• Lightweight pocket-size makes it ideal for carrying to
fairs and exhibitions – no mains electricity supply
• Long-life bulb will give 50,000 hours of use under
normal viewing conditions
• Designed to give many years of use