No Longer Available - Balmoral Album Pages

Stock Code: RBAL-BL240

The Balmoral album pages are the perfect home for the superior collection. Offering 240gsm cream coloured and acid free gilt edged Double linen hinged leaves with rounded corners.

Available in 4 different types to suit your needs:

Completely Blank 240gsm (RBAL-BL240)

Completely Blank Faced 240gsm (RBAL-BFL240)

Grey Background Grid 240gsm (RBAL-QL240)

Grey Background Grid Faced 240gsm (RBAL-QFL240)

Supplied in packs of 25 leaves. Size 246 x 260mm.

The perfect replacement for the discontinued Stanley Gibbons Frank Godden Deluxe and Warwick Album ranges


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Sorry - this product is no longer available.

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