Phillippe von Ferrary’s Legendary Greece Collection

June 07, 2017 by Stanley Gibbons

Having introduced or re-introduced certain aspects of Philippe von Ferrary’s personality to readers in my article in the March issue of GSM, let’s now turn to a little-known aspect of the collections of the ‘King of Stamps’. It is widely-known that the French authorities sequestrated the collections which were found at Ferrary’s Paris residence – the Hotel Matignon. This huge haul was sold over 14 sales between June 1921 and November 1925, and it featured some of the most famous stamps in the philatelic world.

However, many dealers who had supplied the collector with some of famous rarities over the years, either directly or through his faithful secretary, Pierre Mahé, were still waiting for other treasures to appear. Numerous valuable items known to be a part of Ferrary’s collections were not offered during the Paris sales. Where, therefore, had some of these collections got to?

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