Stanley Gibbons Tailored List - May 2022

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The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition Selection

From June 6-25 Stanley Gibbons will be hosting the "Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition" in our first-floor gallery at 399 Strand. The exhibition is free to attend and exhibits will include the three main portraits used by Royal Mail as well as a selection of Omnibus editions, Jubilee series and a collection of ever-popular errors.

Many of the items featured can be found in the list below...

B.A.T. 1963-9 SG1/15a Mint

Stock Code: P189009560

BAHRAIN 1953 SG90/3 Mint

Stock Code: P178009204

DOMINICA 1954 SG140/58 Mint

Stock Code: P212014353

GIBRALTAR SG145/158 Mint unmounted

Stock Code: P223001610

CAYMAN ISLANDS 1962 SG165/79 Mint

Stock Code: P190004959

FALKLAND ISLANDS 1955-7 SG187/92 Mint

Stock Code: P189009566

CYPRUS 1960 SG188/202 Mint

Stock Code: P212020859

GRENADA 1953 SG192/204 Mint

Stock Code: P189010951


Stock Code: P190004919

NORTH BORNEO 1961 SG391/406 Mint

Stock Code: P212002853

GB 1967 SG611mm Booklet pane

Stock Code: P201011571

GB 1965 SG679a Mint olive yellow omitted

Stock Code: P13404732

GB 1968 SG766a Mint gold omitted

Stock Code: P13406879

GB 1969 SG778c Mint red omitted

Stock Code: P13408003

GB 1988 SG1410/3 Mint

Stock Code: P14502763

GB 1997 SG1993/6 Mint

Stock Code: P15601864