The SG Gallery

Over the years the Stanley Gibbons Group has built up quite a collection of interesting artifacts, awards, passion projects and memorobilia. We have long been considered one of the leading figures within the industry and our gallery gives us the opportunity to share some of those elements with our visitors and customers from around the world.

The gallery is located on our first floor and is open to everyone during store opening times (Monday-Saturday 9:30-6:00). We regularly update our exhibits and have featured a number of feature exhibits such as The Story of the 1c Magenta- the world's most expensive stamp. Please pay us a visit whenever you are in town.

Feature Exhibits - Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition

JUNE 6TH-25TH 2022

Stanley Gibbons will be hosting the "Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition" in their first-floor gallery at 399 Strand. The exhibition is free to attend and offers an introductory telling of the story of her majesty's reign through stamps. Exhibits will include the three main portraits used by Royal Mail as well as a selection of Omnibus editions, Jubilee series and a collection of the ever-popular errors.

The exhibition also features Reigning Queens, one of Warhol’s last creations which uses the now-iconic photograph of Elizabeth II released for her Silver Jubilee in 1977. Coming just two years before his death.  The print, valued at £350,000 is one of only three and are giving collectors the opportunity to enjoy part ownership and access a range of physical benefits for as little as £100 in July.  




The Stanley Gibbons exhibition is free of charge to all visitors and customers are welcome to explore at their leisure. If you would like further information about any of the displays please contact our team on +44 (0) 207 557 4436

Regular Exhibits

exhibition (1)

In 1972 Stanley Gibbons took a major step forward in its mission to bring a next generation in the hobby by releasing their first board game ‘Collect’ and in 1988 Stanley Gibbons won the 1988 WHAT TOY? Award for ‘Best Educational Toy’ for our range of Stamp Collector starter packs.

These are both on display alongside our Guinness World Record and a number of other intersting artifacts.

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Over the years our publications and specialists have won a whole host of awards from competitions around the world. One of the more interesting accolades took place in 1993 when The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada awarded Stanley Gibbons the Silver medal for literature.  

We regularly rotate our medal displays so pop in and see what gems we are featuring this month

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The gallery also includes a selection from our historical library featuring over 50 years of past auction catalogues and other works of significant philatelic importance.

Visitors are welcome to ask our specialists to view and handle these tomes for reseach purposes or as part of a consultation.