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What about Davo products?    
All Davo Products will be supplied through Dauwalders, now the UK Agents.   

What if I want to buy catalogues and albums and accessories?   
Orders will need to be split; Catalogues from Stanley Gibbons, Albums & Accessories from Dauwalders. We are happy to process all orders on your behalf.     

How do I track my order?   
Tracking details will be sent via email once despatched for any queries please contact Dauwalders direct.  Email:   

Who do I contact regarding errors on supplements or album pages?   
Please provide full details to Stanley Gibbons at   

What if my order for Albums or Accessories arrives damaged/faulty?   
Please report this to Dauwalders who will be able to offer a replacement. Email:   

Will the quality continue to be of the same standard?   
Yes, all standards will remain unchanged   

How will this affect the pricing, will they increase?   
Prices are staying the same as in the current SG accessories brochure, any revisions will be made in line with material costs when a new brochure is published in 2024.   

I always contact Stanely Gibbons to place my order by telephone?     
You can call the Stanley Gibbons Customer Services and we will help and assist you with placing your order.   

Can I still purchase Albums and Accessories from the Shop on the Strand?   
All Albums and Accessories will be available from our shop as usual.