Binders, Slipcases and Blank Leaves

The Stanley Gibbons range of binders and printed leaves combine classic designs and modern styles, to provide collectors with a beautiful home for their collections. The Stanley Gibbons Kensington and Sandringham binders are both constructed with the 22-ring mechanism, and the Regent Binder houses a classic spring back binding. Each binder has a matching slipcase available. Stanley Gibbons leaves are produced to be compatible with every Stanley Gibbons binder and are available in blank and quadrille on 140gsm and 240gsm cream paper.

Stanley Gibbons Kensington Binder

Blue, Stanley Gibbons Kensington Binder

Stock Code: RKEN-Blu

Stanley Gibbons Sandringham Binder

Blue, Stanley Gibbons Sandringham Binder

Stock Code: RSAN-Blu

Stanley Gibbons Regent Binder

Red, Stanley Gibbons Regent Binder

Stock Code: RREG-Red

Stanley Gibbons Slipcase for 22 Ring Binder


Stock Code: RSCR22-Red

Stanley Gibbons SlipCase for Springback Binder

Blue, SlipCase For Springback Binder

Stock Code: RSCSB-Blu
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