Great Britain

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GB 1841 SG8m Pl.40 Used - London No.8 MC

Stock Code: P212002641

GB 1841 SG8m Pl.28 Used - London No.11 MC

Stock Code: P212002642

GB 1841 SG8m Pl.28 Used - London No.4 MC

Stock Code: P212002637

GB 1841 SG8m Pl.33 Used - London No.7 MC

Stock Code: P212002640

GB 1841 SG8m Pl.30 Used - London No.5 MC

Stock Code: P212002638

GB 1841 SG8m Pl.37 Used - London No.1 MC

Stock Code: P212002627

GB 1906 SG232cs Specimen

Stock Code: P212004957

GB 1906 SG255as Specimen

Stock Code: P212004956

GB 1906 SG259s Specimen

Stock Code: P212004955

GB 1977 SG1026/8 Mint U/M o.g. set eight

Stock Code: P212004685

GB 1951 SG509/12 Mint U/M o.g. set four

Stock Code: P212004681

GB 1929 SG434/7 Mint U/M o.g. set four

Stock Code: P212004678

GB 1840 SG5 Pl.2 Used - Black MC example

Stock Code: P212003586

GB 1870 SG51 Pl.1 Used Glasgow cds example

Stock Code: P212003570

GB 1840 Cover - UPP Portglenone to Garva

Stock Code: P212003099

GB 1841 Cover - UPP Ballymena to Ballymoney

Stock Code: P212003188

GB 1939 SG476/8c Mint set of six

Stock Code: P190011249

GB 1857 SG40 Used - "DUFFUS" Scots local

Stock Code: P212002937