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CEYLON 1869 SGZT1/6, 8/15 Telegraph

Stock Code: P223007657

CEYLON 1866 SG61, 66b, 69ax Cancel

Stock Code: P223000035

CEYLON 1866 SG61/2, 63b, 69b Cancel

Stock Code: P223000038

CEYLON 1866 SG61/2, 65bx, 71b Cancel

Stock Code: P223000011

CEYLON 1886 SG143/a Cover

Stock Code: P212022394

CEYLON 1935 SGSB11 Booklet

Stock Code: P212017388

CEYLON 1893 SG247 Proof

Stock Code: P212014015

CEYLON 1887 SG201b Mint

Stock Code: P212013964

CEYLON 1885 SG193 Mint

Stock Code: P212013955

CEYLON 1885 SG168, 169x Mint

Stock Code: P212013953

CEYLON 1872 SG133 Mint

Stock Code: P212013878

CEYLON 1872 SG138 Mint

Stock Code: P212013876

CEYLON 1872 SG122 Mint

Stock Code: P212013874