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Hawid Strip Mounts

Stock Code: HB210x21

Hawid mounts protect both sides of the stamp. The foil used has been specially developed for the purpose of protecting stamps. It has been thoroughly tested and contains no additives, softeners or chemicals which could damage stamps in any possible way. The matt finish of the top foil ensures that no reflections spoil the beauty of the stamp, and gives perfect display. The elasticity of the lower welded edge provides a perfect and secure hold. (Sizing: Width x Height)


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Hawid Strip Mounts - £6.95

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You will also have to select which size and colour you require from the drop-down menu.

210 x 21mm  Very small Stamps
210 x 24mm  Definitives Commemoratives
210 x 26mm  Canada, USA, Commemoratives
210 x 27mm  High Values 1955-63
210 x 29mm  Guernsey, Jersey Commemoratives
210 x 30mm  Modern GB Commemoratives
210 x 31mm  Jersey High Values
210 x 33mm  Miscellaneous Foreign Issues

210 x 35mm    GB Commemoratives
210 x 36mm    High Values GB Machin
210 x 37mm    GB Commemoratives
210 x 39mm    Foreign Issues Various
210 x 41mm    Modern GB Commemoratives
210 x 44mm    Foreign Issues Various
210 x 48mm    Blocks of Four GB Issues
210 x 55mm    Blocks of Four GB Issues

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