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    Stanley Gibbons have been producing award winning catalogues for 150 years. We have catalogues for every type of GB stamp collector - from the simplified, Collect British Stamps, to the leading catalogue, the GB Concise, to the more detailed, GB Specialised catalogues.

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    Stanley Gibbons offers a massive range of stockbooks and albums for you to store your collection. Take a look at this extensive range. Special offers on selected items.

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A Selection of Railway, Newspaper and Parcel stamps

GB Feb list

A few examples from a recently purchased collection with more to come in future weeks.



Postal History List 

Postal History

An attractive selection of desirable Great Britain Postal History.


NEW 2017 Collect British Stamps

2017 Collect British Stamps Catalogue

2017 Collect British Stamps, 68th Edition

Price: £14.95

Great Britain Album Supplements

The Stamp that Changed the World

Penny Black

Plus, find your initials on a Penny Black!

Or, find out about the Penny Red

A new Penny Red selection

penny red

See our new selection of perforated penny reds