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The SG 'Mini-Talks' Theatre

A selection of some of our newest and most popular video talks from the SG YouTube Channel

Hello and welcome to the Stanley Gibbons 'Mini-Talks' Theatre. Our teams have created a number of short videos discussing items or areas of philately that we hope you'll find interesting. There are 5 different talks in the theatre with our showcase presentation in screen 1, discussing The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (also known as the 'RDP'). We have tried to offer something for everyone so please, make a cup of tea, get comfortable, and enjoy the show. Thank you.

Screen 1: What It Takes To Be On The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists


Have you heard of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists? Our Head of Commonwealth, George James, is joined by Jon Aitchison to discuss and explore what it is, its history and what it takes to be nominated and selected for the honour of 'RDP'.

Screen 2: Creating Stamp Art with Guy Gee

We met with London based artist and sculptor Guy Gee to learn the process it takes to creating his stamp art. This project is called 'Terence Stamps'.

Screen 3: How To Use A Colour Key

Colour identification in philately can be tough, but it makes a huge difference when identifying your stamp and its value. Oscar Young shows us how it's done.

Screen 4: Worth It: The Value of the Penny Red - £5 vs £500,000?

The successor to the Penny Black, Oscar Young takes a look at the humble Penny red at three different price points. What takes this stamp from £5 to £500,000?

Screen 5: Is This Hitler's Personal Stamp Collection?

Taken from Hitler's private study? Join us as we take a look inside an album that was reportedly found within the offices of the German government in 1941

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And if you enjoy military history... might want to check out the Baldwin’s medal channel on YouTube, hosted by well-known television expert Mark Smith (Antiques RoadshowWho Do You Think You Are?).

He aims to break down some fascinating stories of the men and women behind the medals and memorobilia, as well as offer advice on how to uncover the tales behind the items in your own collection…