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The SG 'Mini-Talks' Theatre

A collection of short philatelic films and talks for your viewling pleasure

Hello and welcome to the Stanley Gibbons 'Mini-Talks' Theatre. We asked our teams to create a number of short videos discussing items or areas of philately that we hope you'll find interesting. There are 5 different talks in the theatre with our showcase presentation in screen 1 discussing the true value of the Penny Red. We have tried to offer something for everyone so please, make a cup of tea, get comfortable, and enjoy the show.

Thank you

Screen 1: £5 vs £500,000? Worth It: The Value of the Penny Red

The successor to the Penny Black, Oscar Young takes a look at the humble Penny red at three different price points. What takes this stamp from £5 to £500,000?

Screen 2: Q&A on the ONE CENT Magenta with Victoria Lajer

Victoria has the answers to all of your questions surrounding the famous ONE CENT Magenta, including our future plans on its display in London.

Screen 3: Rediscovering Treasures from the De La Rue Archive Collection

Join Head of Commonwealth, George James, as he dives into the collection of one of the world's most iconic printers of British Empire Stamps, De La Rue.

Screen 4: £20 Vs. £13,500? Worth It: The Value of the Penny Black

"Quality remains long after the price is forgotten." In this video, we take a look at the Penny Black stamp at three different price points. What factors take this popular stamp from £20 to £13,5000?

Screen 5: Dangerous Forgeries and How to Spot Them

Stanley Gibbons has been purchasing dangerous forgeries and removing them from the philatelic market for over a century, and today holds one of the most comprehensive reference collections of forged stamps anywhere in the world.

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