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The SG 'Mini-Talks' Theatre

A collection of short philatelic films and talks for your viewling pleasure

Hello and welcome to the Stanley Gibbons 'Mini-Talks' Theatre. We asked our teams to create a number of short videos discussing items or areas of philately that we hope you'll find interesting. There are 5 different talks in the theatre with our showcase presentation in screen 1 being "One of the greatest scandals in philatelic history". We have tried to offer something for everyone - with screens 4 & 5 specifcally aimed at new collectors - so please grab your pop corn and take a few minutes to enjoy our online theatre.

Thank you

Screen 1: One of the greatest scandals in philatelic history

Philately has never shied away from controversy and in this video Head of Commonwealth George James explores the single "good deed" that cost Perkins Bacon the philatelic printing contract for all of the British Colonies.

Screen 2: Stamp Nostalgia - Looking back at our childhood collections

We asked two of our senior team - Managing Director Victoria Lajer & Head of Commonwealth George James - to dust off their very first stamp albums and show us how their collecting career began.

Screen 3: Philatelic Highlights - Stand out lots from our March Auction

The general auction catalogues at Stanley Gibbons always offer up a treasure trove of items for bidders. We asked our Auction team to pull out a few items that could cause a bit of a stir in the sale room.

Screen 4: How to read a Stamp Catalogue

The Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue range has long been seen as invaluable to collectors but using them for the first time can seem a little daunting. Here, philatelist Oscar Young explains how they work...

Screen 5: How we value a collection

And it's back to Oscar Young, of our Auctions team, to explain how over time our valuations experts can begin to value any stamp collection from the very first glance.

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