ARP12.12.06 Balwin

Stanley Gibbons Blue

Announcing the winners

Thank you for participating in our single-page stamp competition. 

In the Apprentice class, we saw some really creative entries from our newer philatelists. After a public vote, we are happy to share that the top five worthy winners are Aditya Singh, Susan Taylor, Cleo Lownster, Ayla Wilkins and joint participants Josie & Zach Elliott Shircore. View all entries

Master class entries were reviewed by our esteemed judges Peter Cockburn, vice president of the Royal Philatelic Society, and Graham Winters, chair of the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies).

A message from our judges

The competition was well-supported and it was a pleasure to judge the final submissions.

There were some outstanding philatelic exhibits but a lot had lost the essence of the rules which charged participants to display how their philatelic items opened “a window into a significant historical moment.” Some interpreted this as a whole historical period over decades or even centuries, others missed the significance of the historical moment which unfortunately cost them in the final reckoning.

There were some excellent entries in the Apprentice class that was judged by the public. Of the apprentices who could have held their own with the Masters, the entries were: Unsung Heroes: Dizzy by Cleo Lownster, Victory, Peace and Reconstruction by Ross Smith, and Neil Armstrong (5 August 1930 - 24 August 2012) First Man on the Moon by Susan Taylor. 

From the Master class, we are pleased to announce the following collectors as winners of an SG Blue:

Of our worthy winners, the judges decided that The Sad Story of Nurse Albine Pecha by Keith Brandon opened a window into a significant historical moment and deserved to be named overall winner, with The Transition of the Austrian Postal System After the Anschluss by Lew Paterson as runner up.