1c Magenta Gift Box

Showpiece Gift Box (1)

Introducting the 1c Magenta Gift Box, a collection of 1c Magenta accessories that provide the ideal way to give someone the gift of fractional ownership of the 1c Magenta, and share the exhilerating story of its journey through time.

This delightfully presented Gifting set includes:

* A printed gift certificate you can fill in to give to a special collector
* Stanley Gibbons Luxury 1c Magenta Metallic Keyring
*The One-Cent Magenta Handbook - An inside look at the obsessive, secretive, and often bizarre world of high-profile stamp collecting, told through the journey of the world’s most sought-after stamp.
*Stanley Gibbons POP Stamp of the 1c Magenta - A double sided graphic rendition of the 1c. Magenta. Pop out your very own 1c. Magenta with this limited edition print run of 1,000 copies