Great Britain

GB 1840 Cover Fores Comic Envelope No.1.

Stock Code: P201004375

GB 1948 SGBD6 Booklet

Stock Code: P201004253

GB 1924 SG427wi Mint U/M o.g. Wmk Inverted

Stock Code: P201004251

GB 1936 SG426wi Mint U/M o.g. Wmk Inverted

Stock Code: P201004250

GB 1924 SG423wi Mint U/M o.g. Wmk Inverted

Stock Code: P201004246

GB 1913 SG400 Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201004241

GB 1912 SG319 Mint U/M o.g. corner marginal

Stock Code: P201004239

GB 1857 SG66a Mint Unused o.g. example

Stock Code: P201004236

GB 1897 SG205 Mint complete pane of twenty

Stock Code: P201004295

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover Bridport to Blandford

Stock Code: P201004172

GB 1872 SG102 Pl.7 Mint Superb block of eight

Stock Code: P201004132

GB 1862 SG89 Pl.2 Used Jersey numeral (QK)

Stock Code: P201004130

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.65 Used VFU black MC (HC)

Stock Code: P201004126

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.18 Used VFU black MC (EH)

Stock Code: P201004124

GB 1840 SG4 Pl.1 Used VFU black MC (DE)

Stock Code: P201004122

GB 1902 SG266 Used Newcastle cds example

Stock Code: P201004109

GB 1881 SG158 Pl.20 Mint unused o.g. (JE)

Stock Code: P201004102

GB 1876 SG156 Pl.1 Used London E.C. duplex

Stock Code: P201004101

GB 1877 SG153 Pl.16 Used unused o.g. (OG)

Stock Code: P201004100

GB 1877 SG141 Pl.10 Used London cds

Stock Code: P201004093

GB 1872 SG123 Pl.11 Used Doncaster cds

Stock Code: P201004091

GB 1862 SG83 Used Chester "180" numeral

Stock Code: P201004071

GB 1857 SG66a Used Glasgow cds example

Stock Code: P201004070

GB 1870 SG51 Pl.1 Used VFU example (DD)

Stock Code: P201004064

GB 1870 SG52 Pl.1 Mint U/M example (FG)

Stock Code: P201004062

GB 1868 SG45 Pl.12 Used Superb London cds

Stock Code: P201004058

GB 1858 SG45 Pl.7 Used Huntly cds (HJ)

Stock Code: P201004055