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GB 1854 SG17,20,55 Cover

Stock Code: P223001240

GB 1854 SG17 Pl.196 Mint

Stock Code: P223012897

GB 1854 SG17 Cover - Missent to Hertford

Stock Code: P201006379

GB 1854 SG17wi Used - Wmk. Inverted

Stock Code: P223012911

GB 1854 SG20 Pl.4 Used

Stock Code: P223012906

GB 1855 SG17 Cover - "Rugeley Poisoner"

Stock Code: P223001202

GB 1855 SG17,20a,62a Cover

Stock Code: P212019850

GB 1855 SG20 Pl.4 Cover

Stock Code: P212019805

GB 1855 SG21var Pl.16 Mint

Stock Code: P201014163

GB 1855 SG22 Pl.R6 Used

Stock Code: P201013326

GB 1855 SG23s Pl.4 Specimen type 2

Stock Code: P190009430

GB 1855 SG24 Pl.8 Used

Stock Code: P223012912

GB 1855 SG24 Pl.16 Used - Rare plate

Stock Code: P223010363

GB 1855 SG24var Pl.6 Mint

Stock Code: P201014162

GB 1855 SG26var Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P201013011

GB 1855 SG27 Pl.5 Used

Stock Code: P223003564

GB 1855 SG27 Pl.5 Used

Stock Code: P223003565

GB 1855 SG27 Pl.5 Used

Stock Code: P223003563