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GB 1840 SGME2 Cover May 5th use.

Stock Code: G1455466

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.19 Used

Stock Code: P201005805

GB 1855 SG24var Pl.6 Mint

Stock Code: P201014162

GB 1857 SG38 Pl.38 Cover

Stock Code: P201013010

GB 1862 SG84 Pl.3 Mint

Stock Code: P201003723

GB 1867 SG110 Pl.4 Used

Stock Code: P15611030

GB 1867 SG118 Pl.1 Mint

Stock Code: P212013568

GB 1868 SG103var Pl.5 Mint

Stock Code: P14515785

GB 1869 SG47 Pl.13 Mint - Unmounted mint

Stock Code: P223001955

GB 1872 SG122 Pl.11 Used

Stock Code: P189003073

GB 1873 SG150 Cover

Stock Code: P10100066X

GB 1883 SGO64 Pl.13 Official

Stock Code: P189005649

GB 1884 SG196 Used - Dublin cds

Stock Code: P189008934

GB 1909 SG219 Cover - Santos Paquebot

Stock Code: P190001768

GB 1924 SGBB12 Booklet (Edition 108)

Stock Code: P178003423

GB 2003 SG2392/6 unmounted mint

Stock Code: SG2392GreM