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GB 1887 SG209wi Used - Wmk. Inverted

Stock Code: P223009120

GB 1840 SG5 Pl.1 Mint

Stock Code: P06704917

GB 1882 SG132 Pl.1 Used

Stock Code: P06704911

GB 1881 SG172wi Mint U/M example

Stock Code: P190011632

GB 1870 SG51 Pl.3 Used - Rotherham cds

Stock Code: P234005470

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.18 Used - VFU blue MC (AL)

Stock Code: P234005239

GB 1841 SG7 Pl.8 Used - VFU black MC (FK)

Stock Code: P234003778

GB 1854 SG20 Pl.4 Used

Stock Code: P223012906

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.1a Penny Black

Stock Code: P223012864

GB 1884 SG194 Mint - Unmounted o.g.

Stock Code: P223007684

GB 1882 SG160 Pl.18 Used VFU Rudgwick cds

Stock Code: P212013966

GB 1840 SGME3 Cover - Very late 1865 usage

Stock Code: P234001534

GB 1877 SG156 Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P234001515

GB 1880-81 SG165/169 Mint - u/m set of five

Stock Code: P234001513

GB 1887 SG201wi Used

Stock Code: P234001512

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.7 Penny Black

Stock Code: P234001493

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.1a Penny Black

Stock Code: P234001472