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GB 1834 Pre-Stamp

Stock Code: P223016066

GB 1838 Pre-Stamp - Romney IN1 India Letter

Stock Code: P223015361

GB 1839 Essay

Stock Code: P223016065

GB 1839 Essay

Stock Code: P223016063

GB 1840 Cover - Southgate No.2 caricature

Stock Code: P223003469

GB 1840 Cover - Southgate No.3 caricature

Stock Code: P223003470

GB 1840 Cover - Southgate No.5 caricature

Stock Code: P223003468

GB 1840 Pre-Stamp - Kinsale S1 Ship Letter

Stock Code: P223015300

GB 1840 SG1 Pl.9 Penny Black

Stock Code: P223016001

GB 1840 SG1 Pl.8 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212021622

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.1b Penny Black

Stock Code: P212021611

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.5 Cover

Stock Code: P201003759

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.9 Penny Black strip of four

Stock Code: P223010194

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.4 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212011993

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.4 Penny Black

Stock Code: P223011840

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.5 Penny Black

Stock Code: P223003587

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.11 Penny Black

Stock Code: P223010006

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.2 Penny Black

Stock Code: P201003763

GB 1840 SGME1/4 Cover - Unused set of four

Stock Code: P212012771

GB 1840 SGME2 Cover

Stock Code: P223005621