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GB 1911 SG288var Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201007915

GB 1911 SG322a Cover - Perf. 14

Stock Code: P223005831

GB 1911 SG324a Booklet pane

Stock Code: P190005421

GB 1911 SG327 Cover - First day cover

Stock Code: P234001592

GB 1912 SG332a Booklet pane

Stock Code: P190005449

GB 1912 SG357var Mint Unused o.g.

Stock Code: P190001177

GB 1912 SG362var Mint U/M o.g. no Wmk

Stock Code: P190016321

GB 1913 SG351c Booklet pane

Stock Code: P190008429

GB 1913 SG399 Mint - Deep sepia-brown

Stock Code: P223011333

GB 1913 SG399 Mint Deep sepia-brown u/m

Stock Code: P223005832

GB 1913 SG399s Specimen type 26

Stock Code: P189007102

GB 1913 SG399var Proof

Stock Code: P190008805

GB 1913 SG399var Colour Trial in bright blue

Stock Code: P223001686

GB 1913 SG401 Mint unused o.g. block of four

Stock Code: P201004358

GB 1913 SG401var Specimen type 26

Stock Code: P190012887

GB 1913 SG402 Mint

Stock Code: G0780020X

GB 1913 SG402 Used - vfu block of four

Stock Code: P223002501

GB 1913 SG403 Used

Stock Code: P223009022

GB 1915 SG388 Mint

Stock Code: P189014983

GB 1915 SG406 Mint

Stock Code: P178011699

GB 1915 SG409 Mint - unmounted o.g. example

Stock Code: P223009702

GB 1915 SG410 Mint

Stock Code: P190000324

GB 1915 SG411 Used - Deep blue (worn plate)

Stock Code: P223011337

GB 1915 SG412 Mint

Stock Code: P09004088

GB 1915 SG412 Mint Unused o.g.

Stock Code: P190007206

GB 1915 SG412 Used

Stock Code: P223011335

GB 1915 SG412var Used - Bright blue

Stock Code: P223011336