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Despite its modest size, New Zealand is not to be overlooked when it comes to philately. From the first issued stamped in 1855, many stamps from New Zealand broke from tradition and were firsts of their kind; from a design featuring a front view of Queen Victoria, to the use of advertising on the back of stamps. Pictorial stamps are also very common and widely collected, with popular stamps featuring New Zealand lakes, mountains and native birds. 

One of the rarest New Zealand stamps is the Lake Taupo invert, a bicoloured 1904 4d which was printed with either the frame or the centre upside down. Only one example of this error is known and was bought by the NZ Post in 1998 for archival collection. Other popular stamps include the Victorian 'Sideface' issues, 'Chalon Head' varieties and the '3d HMS Vanguard' which only has a suspected seven examples still around today.

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