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AUSTRALIA 1913 SG15 Used

Stock Code: P189005407

AUSTRALIA 1913 SG2aw Mint

Stock Code: P189010187

AUSTRALIA 1913 SG5/b Mint

Stock Code: P189007780

AUSTRALIA 1913 SGD82a Postage Due

Stock Code: P178012463

AUSTRALIA 1913 SGD86 Postage Due

Stock Code: P189007984

AUSTRALIA 1913 SGD87 Postage Due

Stock Code: P189011093

AUSTRALIA 1913 Cover

Stock Code: P189001622

AUSTRALIA 1913 Cover

Stock Code: P189001621

AUSTRALIA 1914 SG20 Mint

Stock Code: P178007572

AUSTRALIA 1914 SG21cc/cj Mint

Stock Code: P190005792

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG29 Mint

Stock Code: P190002152

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG30w Mint

Stock Code: P189007804

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG35a Used

Stock Code: P189012652

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG40aw Mint

Stock Code: P178004530

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG40b Mint

Stock Code: P178004526

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG45 Used

Stock Code: P189007829

AUSTRALIA 1915 SG45a Mint

Stock Code: P189007864