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LABUAN 1901 SG141a Mint

Stock Code: P13407623

NORTH BORNEO 1918 SGD73 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011072

NORTH BORNEO 1918 SGD64 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011070

NORTH BORNEO 1918 SGD58, var Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011060

NORTH BORNEO 1918 SGD56/8, 60 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011056

NORTH BORNEO 1902 SGD38/49 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011034

NORTH BORNEO 1895 SGD1/11b Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011003

NORTH BORNEO 1902 SGD32/6 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011008

NORTH BORNEO 1902 SGD49 Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011031

NORTH BORNEO 1895 SGD2/11b Postage Due

Stock Code: P212011004

NORTH BORNEO 1897 SG98 Proof

Stock Code: P212005850

NORTH BORNEO 1899 SG112/24 Mint

Stock Code: P212004664

NORTH BORNEO 1918 SG235/49 btwn Used

Stock Code: P212004657

NORTH BORNEO 1950 SG356/70 Mint

Stock Code: P212003122

NORTH BORNEO 1950 SG356/70 Used

Stock Code: P212003119

NORTH BORNEO 1916 SG186/a Mint

Stock Code: P212002856

NORTH BORNEO 1961 SG391/406 Mint

Stock Code: P212002853


Stock Code: P201010068

NORTH BORNEO 1922 SG267b/ba Mint

Stock Code: P201006090

NORTH BORNEO 1911 SG182/3 Proof

Stock Code: P201005946

NORTH BORNEO 1944 SG. Forgery

Stock Code: P201005947

NORTH BORNEO 1911 SG178, 180/1 Proof

Stock Code: P201005945

NORTH BORNEO 1925 SG277/92 Mint

Stock Code: P190007602

LABUAN 1901 SGD5 Postage Due

Stock Code: P190000931

NORTH BORNEO 1916 SG188a Used

Stock Code: P178012449

LABUAN 1899 SG102/10 Mint

Stock Code: P178012413

NORTH BORNEO 1902 SGD38/40, 45/9 Postage Due

Stock Code: P178012330

LABUAN 1897 SG90, 91b, 94a Cancel

Stock Code: P178012210


Stock Code: P178007341