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LABUAN 1896 SG87cs Specimen

Stock Code: P201005967

LABUAN 1902 SG128 Proof

Stock Code: P201005948

LABUAN 1880 SG5 Mint

Stock Code: P190003942

LABUAN 1901 SGD5 Postage Due

Stock Code: P190000931

LABUAN 1901 SGD1/9c Postage Due

Stock Code: P190000930

LABUAN 1899 SG102/10 Mint

Stock Code: P178012413

LABUAN 1899 SG105b Used

Stock Code: P178012412

LABUAN 1899 SG102 Mint

Stock Code: P178012411

LABUAN 1894 SG69a Mint

Stock Code: P178012218

LABUAN 1894 SG69a Mint

Stock Code: P178012217

LABUAN 1894 SG62/74a Mint

Stock Code: P178012214

LABUAN 1897 SG90e, var Used

Stock Code: P178012213

LABUAN 1897 SG90, 91b, 94a Cancel

Stock Code: P178012210

LABUAN 1896 SG83s/7s Specimen

Stock Code: P11211692

LABUAN 1901 SGD1/9 Postage Due

Stock Code: P13405054