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MALAYA - KEDAH 1922 SG52s/9s Specimen

Stock Code: P212016835

BURMA 1859 SG. Cover India Used in Akyab

Stock Code: P212016716


Stock Code: P212015559

CEYLON 1886 SG196 Colour Trial

Stock Code: P212014425

CEYLON 1884 SG188 Essay

Stock Code: P212014420

CEYLON 1884 SG152 Colour Trial

Stock Code: P212014427

CEYLON 1899 SG261 Proof

Stock Code: P212014365

CEYLON 1899 SG258 Proof

Stock Code: P212014380

CEYLON 1899 SG261 Proof

Stock Code: P212014366

CEYLON 1899 SG257 Proof

Stock Code: P212014383

MALAYA - SELANGOR 1895 SG66s Specimen

Stock Code: P212014489

CEYLON 1888 SG206 Forgery

Stock Code: P212014062

CEYLON 1885 SG177 Forgery

Stock Code: P212014057

CEYLON 1885 SG182 Forgery

Stock Code: P212014060

CEYLON 1883 SG148 Forgery

Stock Code: P212014053

CEYLON 1899 SG264 Mint

Stock Code: P212014024

CEYLON 1893 SG247 Proof

Stock Code: P212014015

CEYLON 1899 SG263 Mint

Stock Code: P212014023

CEYLON 1898 SG254/5 Mint

Stock Code: P212014021

CEYLON 1886 SG195/6, 198/9 Mint

Stock Code: P212013962

CEYLON 1886 SG198/9 Mint

Stock Code: P212013963

CEYLON 1887 SG201b Mint

Stock Code: P212013964

CEYLON 1885 SG193 Mint

Stock Code: P212013955

CEYLON 1885 SG168, 169x Mint

Stock Code: P212013953

CEYLON 1883 SG147/9, 151a Mint

Stock Code: P212013949