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NATAL 1857 SG4 Used 3d rose embossed

Stock Code: P223007825

NATAL 1874 SG72 Mint

Stock Code: P190011435

NATAL 1904 SG155 Mint

Stock Code: P190011432

NATAL 1874 SG73 Mint 5s carmine

Stock Code: P190005850

NATAL 1874 SG72 Mint 5s rose

Stock Code: P190005849

NATAL 1902 SGT14 Telegraph

Stock Code: P189012555

NATAL 1902 SGT11ab Telegraph

Stock Code: P189012553

NATAL 1902 SGT11/12 Telegraph

Stock Code: P189012552

NATAL 1881 SGT4 Telegraph

Stock Code: P189012550

NATAL 1895 SG125s Specimen

Stock Code: P189005886

NATAL 1895 SG114es Specimen

Stock Code: P189005884

NATAL 1891 SG109s Specimen

Stock Code: P189005882

NATAL 1895 SG114is Specimen

Stock Code: P189005871

NATAL 1895 SG114ks Specimen

Stock Code: P189005870

NATAL 1895 SG114es Specimen

Stock Code: P189005867

NATAL 1902 SGT12 Cover

Stock Code: P189005740