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UGANDA 1895 SG43 Mint 100(c) violet

Stock Code: P212017301

UGANDA 1903-04 Revenue KEVII set to 50r

Stock Code: P212014003

UGANDA 1922 Revenue KGV set of 14 to £1

Stock Code: P212013984

UGANDA 1895 SG4 Mint

Stock Code: P15615351

UGANDA 1895 SG3, var Mint

Stock Code: P13409089

UGANDA 1895 SG38 Used

Stock Code: P201005686

UGANDA 1896 SG61 Used 5r black typeset

Stock Code: P201002084

UGANDA 1896 SG60 Revenue

Stock Code: P201001999

UGANDA 1896 SG60 Revenue

Stock Code: P201001995

UGANDA 1896 SG60 Revenue

Stock Code: P201001991

UGANDA 1896 SG56/a Mint

Stock Code: P178014323

UGANDA 1896 SG61/a Mint

Stock Code: P178014321

UGANDA 1896 SG60/a Mint

Stock Code: P178014320

UGANDA 1896 SG59/a Mint

Stock Code: P178014319

UGANDA 1896 SG56/8 var Mint

Stock Code: P178013830

UGANDA 1895 SG35/43 Mint

Stock Code: G1671426