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KUT 1946 SG155s/6s Specimen Victory set

Stock Code: P212016769

KUT 1922 SG101s Specimen £20 red and green

Stock Code: P212016759

KUT 1922 SG99 Mint £5 black and blue

Stock Code: P212014341

KUT 1907 SG29 Mint

Stock Code: P212003361

KUT SG53/63 Proof Head Vignette Die proof

Stock Code: P212006089

KUT 1922 SG76/95 Mint

Stock Code: P212003124

KUT 1921 SG75s Specimen Unmounted

Stock Code: P201013248

KUT 1912 SG62 Mint 100r purple and black/red

Stock Code: P201013176

KUT 1922 SG97 Mint £3 purple and yellow

Stock Code: P190014796

KUT 1903 SG8 Proof

Stock Code: P190011417

KUT 1903 SG6 Proof

Stock Code: P190011415

KUT 1903 SG16 Proof

Stock Code: P190011414

KUT 1903 SG12 Proof

Stock Code: P190011413

KUT 1903 SG11 Proof

Stock Code: P190011412

KUT 1903 SG10 Proof

Stock Code: P190006478

KUT 1902 SG12 Proof

Stock Code: P190006477

KUT 1950 SGSB4 Booklet

Stock Code: P190001745

KUT 1912 SG61 Mint

Stock Code: P190001512