ZANZIBAR 1930 SGD1/17, 21/3 Cover

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Postage Due. 1930 (NO 15) pair of underpaid large covers from Mubende, Uganda to 'J. Hodson, C/o G.P.O., Zanzibar', franked respectively by K.U.T. 1922-27 1c brown and 5c green (marked "T 60 Cents" in red crayon) and by 1c brown vertical pair (marked "T 90 cents" in red crayon), each with Kampala transit (20 SE 30) and Zanzibar arrival (squared circle "SP 25 30") backstamps. Both with spectacular postage due frankings applied, the first with eight stamps comprising the 1926-30 1c, 2c, 3c, 9c, 15c, 20c black/orange, the rare 12c black/green and 1930-33 6c black/yellow and 25c black/rose, the second with the three 1926-30 top values (31c, 50c, 75c black/orange), each a large corner example, with all eleven stamps neatly tied by individual strikes of type D8 "ZANZIBAR" cds, dated "NO 15 30" (52 days after the arrival of the covers !). Evidently held to allow the addressee to arrange collection (and no doubt supervise the application of the postage dues, which were not yet available for sale to collectors), and totally philatelic and contrived, nevertheless a unique and wonderful pair, illustrating the full range of values now in use (except the 1926-30 18c and 21c) and providing the earliest recorded date of use for the 1926-30 2c, 9c and 20c values and the 1930-33 25c black/rose. Ex Griffith-Jones (discussed with full plating details and illustrated as fig. 12.3-4 on pp.324-6 of his book; census F.57-8), with the former previously ex Harmer Oct 1979, lot 847, the latter ex Gartner (Glenferrie July 1993, lot 192). Truly spectacular items, with the 50c and 75c unknown on commercial covers (and only seven and four respectively recorded as philatelic usages) and representing an unparalleled opportunity to acquire a near complete used "set" of these impossible stamps.


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ZANZIBAR 1930 SGD1/17, 21/3 Cover - £2,250.00

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