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Key Selling Features

  • Last published 2010
  • Updated colour illustrations
  • Updated design indexes provided for Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and San Marino to aid the collector in researching and finding stamps
  • New design index provided for Vatican City to aid the collector in researching and finding stamps
  • Complete listing of all the International Organizations located within Switzerland
  • New issue countries updated to 2013
  • Machine labels listed
  • Booklets listed and priced
  • Revised version of the International Philatelic Glossary in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian)
  • Prices fully revised throughout

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

The Stanley Gibbons Italy & Switzerland Catalogue is the only catalogue published in English which covers the stamp issues of both Italy and Switzerland in a single volume. It is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in this popular field.

Apart from the stamps of the current issuing countries, the Stanley Gibbons Italy & Switzerland Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest, including:

  • Italian States
  • Castelrosso
  • Dodecanese Islands
  • Fiume
  • Trieste
  • Eritrea
  • Italian Colonies
  • Italian East Africa
  • Italian Post Offices in China
  • Italian Post Offices in Crete
  • Italian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire
  • Libya
  • Somalia International

Major varieties including perforation, watermark and shade variations, overprint types and major errors are included. Booklets are listed and priced and also notes are provided on Machine Labels (Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Vatican City).

Organizations located in Switzerland who issue stamps are also covered:

  • League of Nations
  • International Labour Office
  • International Education Office
  • World Health Organization
  • International Refugees Organization
  • World Meteorological Organization
  • Universal Postal Union
  • United Nations
  • International Telecommunications Union
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • International Olympic Committee

Stamp issuing countries covered in this book include:

  • Italy (updated to )
  • Liechtenstein ()
  • San Marino (February 2013)
  • Switzerland ()
  • International Organizations located in Switzerland
  • United Nations (Geneva) ()
  • Vatican City ()

Information is provided at the beginning of each country covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes.

Updated Design indexes included for the following countries:

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • San Marino

New design indexes provided for the following country:

  • Vatican City

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