No Longer Available - INDIA 1869 SGT4/7, 9/10, 12, 15/16, 18/19 Telegraph

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Telegraphs. 1869-78 First wmk 1a to 8a, 1r Die II, 2r8a Die I, 5r, 14r4a, 25r Die I, 28r8a, 50r Die I, set of 11 values, with vertical 'CANCELLED' opt (Samuel type T8 - 1a, or T7), in MARGINAL BLOCKS OF SIXTEEN (1a to 2r8a) OR EIGHT (5r to 50r), each with full margins on three sides from the right or left (1a only) of sheets, showing either plate numbers x2 (2r8a, 5r, 25r, 50r - the original 1866 plates, before the introduction of current numbers for telegraph plates) or plate number and current number at opposite corners on the 1869 2a, 4a, 8a, 1r, 14r4a and 28r8a plates and the 1878 1a plate. The side margins all with full "GOVERNMENT OF INDIA" inscriptions (reading upwards), while both the top and bottom margins have partial "(TE)LEGRAPH" except for the 1a value (with "GOVERNMENT" at top, and "ELECTRIC" at bottom). A unique and wonderful assembly of the highest importance, each individual block being the largest now extant from the colour standard sheets of 80 (1a to 2r8a) or 40 (5r to 50r) retained in the De La Rue archives and placed on the market in the 1970s. The whole clearly documents the order of plate manufacture, and illustrates the changes in practice at De La Rue; these blocks each preserve 20% of the original sheets, and include HALF of all the plate and current numbers that were present, none of the balance now existing in comparable form. Some values (2a, 4a, 5r, 25r and 50r) remain partly affixed by the top and side margins to the archive ledger pages, but the others have been removed (causing some mostly minor faults to a small number of stamps in the 8a, 1r and 2r8a blocks). Overall very fine to superb condition, with lovely fresh colours and many of the total of 136 stamps unmounted, and truly a stunning array for exhibition


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