No Longer Available - INDIA 1866 SGT6/8, 10, 12/13, 16, 19 Telegraph

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Telegraph. 1866 (late Nov) 4a x5, 1r, 2r8a, 25r, set of eight imperforate COLOUR TRIALS on wmk T19 paper, demonstrating the colour scheme to be adopted for the original values of the [1869] issue, comprising one 4a and the 1r, 2r8a and 25r as issued, supplemented by four further 4a trials in brown (as 8a), orange-brown (5r), blue-green (10r) and rose (50r). Neatly affixed to strip of card (201x63mm), arranged in order of the intended values (from 50r to 4a, with the 4a in rose on the left and the 4a light blue (as issued) on the right). A unique and wonderful item of the highest importance and in exceptional condition, ex De La Rue archives, and comprising all but one (a duplicate 4a in brown) of the colour trials for this issue that exist in private hands, all others being preserved only in the Royal Philatelic Collection. [The explanation for the use of the 4a value to stand in for the 8a, 5r, 10r and 50r, is that the printing plates for the latter four values had not been completed by the time this set was prepared.]


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