I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SGO2B/3B, 19B, 22B, 24B Forgery

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Official. 1920 (c.) type F2 FORGERIES of the 1915-41 "Sacred Cows", group of five different comprising Tablets type "A" 2 1/2a in chrome-yellow and 3a in cinnamon, tablets as type "C" 4a bright yellow-green, 12a deep green and 2r black and red-brown, each with GENUINE type O2 (Small British) opt in black (all "double"), "unused". Couple of trivial blemishes, still fresh and fine. A rare and fascinating group, the 3a type F2 forgery completely unknown to Benns, who did not record ANY value with genuine type O2 opts, although he knew of five values with genuine type O1. [The type F2 forgeries are on smooth pelure paper, from a different set of four cliches to those used for the more frequently seen type F1 forgeries. The latter are known to have been distributed as new issues, supplied by the Bundi post office, apparently through the action of dishonest officials. The similar application of GENUINE type O1 and O2 opts to both series of forgeries suggests a common origin, and it may be that the somewhat cruder and much rarer F2 forgeries were a "trial run" for the fraud. See Benns pp.44-47.]


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I.F.S. BUNDI 1920 SGO2B/3B, 19B, 22B, 24B Forgery - £195.00

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