I.C.S. CHAMBA 1887 SGO1a/15a Official

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Official. 1887-98 ½a, 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 8a, 12a, 1r (slate), each showing the error ‘CHMABA‘ , which occurred once per sheet in the July 1891 printing, the 8a in horizontal pair with normal, large part o.g. The phenomenal COMPLETE UNUSED SET OF THIS FAMOUS ERROR. The numbers originally possible were as follows: ½a 200, 1a 80, 2a 17, 3a 11, 4a 17, 8a 5, 12a 3, 1r 5, but the quantities surviving in unused condition are much smaller, and further reduced by the presence of one unused example of each value up to 12a (and a used 1r) in the Royal Collection. The ½a one of 15 recorded by us in private hands, the 1a one of 13, the 2a (ex Hind, with BPA cert (1997)) one of 10, the 3a (ex Hind and Sturton, with BPA cert (2006)) one of just 3, the 4a (BPA cert (1997)) one of 10, the 8a (ex Hind and Sturton) UNIQUE IN PRIVATE HANDS, the 12a (ex Speers, with RPS cert (1972)) one of just 2, the 1r (ex CRL 2/3/93, lot 1051, with BPA cert (1964)) one of four. Odd trivial blemishes.


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I.C.S. CHAMBA 1887 SGO1a/15a Official - £45,000.00


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