No Longer Available - GB 1821 Pre-Stamp contents regarding body snatching

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1821 Pre-stamp. An interesting entire sent from Bristol to Ludlow bearing a Bristol dispatch datestamp on reverse for ??.26.1821. The undated contents of this magnificent entire are from a Bristol medical student appealing to his father for financial help resulting from a foiled graveyard body snatching sortie intended for medical research and dissection bearing some interesting contents "We got into Bristol and it was with the greatest difficulty that we escaped the watchman, who would have most certainly have handed us into Bridewell as they have already served two young gentleman, had they caught us in the state we were with shovels on our shoulders... about an hour after our departure from the churchyard it was discovered by a milkman that the grave had been disturbed in consequence the village was in uproar and finding the gig they immediately guessed for what purpose it had been brought and it was by the churchwardens immediately ordered it to be seized... as we merely attempted to carry off the body, our offence was cognisable and that it was a most unjust thing to detail the gig as we are obliged to pay the owner so much a day... I know not how much we shall have to pay ultimately for breaking the shafts and other injuries but i thought it right to say that my pockets are not in a state to stand much of a run."


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