East Africa With Egypt & Sudan Stamp Catalogue 4th Edition

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Awarded a Large Vermeil medal in the Philatelic Literature category at Thailand 2018. The fourth edition of the Stanley Gibbons East Africa catalogue lists and prices the stamps of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, including British East Africa and Zanzibar. It also includes British Somaliland and the pre-independence issues of Egypt and Sudan, and all issues for use in occupied Italian colonies during World War II. Listings for issues up to 1970 have been extracted from the 2018 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1870–1970, more recent issues have been specially repriced for this volume


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East Africa With Egypt & Sudan Stamp Catalogue 4th Edition - $33.51*

Key Selling Features

  • Includes British Somaliland and pre-Independence issues of Egypt and Sudan, as well as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar and British East Africa.
  • All issues for use in occupied Italian colonies during World War II are included, rather than just those used in East Africa.
  • Illustrated throughout and in colour and clear descriptions for easy identification.
  • Telegraph stamps for Sudan and Uganda and Egyptian Military Telegraphs are listed for the first time
  • Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws, major errors, a guide to prices of stamps on cover to 1945, booklets, postage dues and official stamps are all included.
  • Fully priced listings are provided for Indian stamps used in Mombasa and Zanzibar and British stamps used in Egypt and there are extended notes on Egyptian stamps used in Ethiopia, Sudan and the Turkish Empire. The stamps of German East Africa are also included
  • Military Telegraph stamps used in Sudan now listed.
  • A number of new watermark and plate flaws have been added, with the second setting of the BMA Eritrea 5s. now recognized and new illustrations of the previously listed varieties on the British Somaliland overprints on India.
  • A supplementary listing of previously appendixed issues of Tanzania, subsequently put into use by the postal authority.
  • Prices have been extensively revised, with a number of significant increases.
  • New illustrations and additional notes appear throughout the catalogue.

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

The Stanley Gibbons East Africa Catalogue lists and prices the stamps of British Empire and Commonwealth countries in the area from the earliest issues to date, to the level of detail familiar to users of the Part 1 British Commonwealth listings. The catalogue contains:

  • British Occupation of Italian Colonies including Middle East Forces (M.E.F. overprints), Cyrenaica, Eritrea, Somalia (includes E.A.F. overprints), Tripolitania  
  • Egypt (up to 1922) • Egyptian Post Offices Abroad
  • British Forces in Egypt (1932–9)
  • Suez Canal Company
  • Kenya
  • Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
  • British East Africa • East Africa and Uganda Protectorates
  • Kenya and Uganda
  • Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
  • Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
  • Somaliland Protectorate
  • Sudan (up to 1954)
  • Tanzania • German East Africa
  • Mafia Island
  • Nyasaland–Rhodesian Force (N. F. overprints)
  • Tanganyika
  • Zanzibar
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

New issue listings updated as follows:

  1. Kenya – updated to September 2017
  2. Tanzania – no new issues
  3. Uganda – Appendix issues only

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