DIGITAL VERSION - Canada and Provinces 7th Edition

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PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIGITAL VERSION ONLY Browse our award-winning publications on-the-go. Our digital catalogues have the same detailed and highly-informative content as our printed publications and come with interactive features that allow you to bookmark pages, make notes and quickly refer to saved information. Please note that digital catalogues are available to view on our web app as well as our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Key Features Includes the early colonial stamps of British Columbia & Vancouver Island (1860-71), Colony of Canada (1851-64), New Brunswick (1851-63), Newfoundland (1857-1949), Nova Scotia (1851-63) and Prince Edward Island (1861-72) Canada stamps from 1868 to 2019 Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws and major errors are included Booklets and postage dues for Canada and Newfoundland and Registration stamps and Officials for Canada Crowned-circle ‘PAID’ handstamps for Quebec, St Johns (Newfoundland) and Amherst and St Margarets (Nova Scotia) Official stamps include the ‘five’ and ‘four-hole’ OHMS perfins as well as the ‘OHMS’ and ‘G’ overprints on postage and special delivery stamps Detailed Contents/Countries Covered A priced listing of Canadian stamps from the early colonial stamps of Canada, British Columbia & Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, followed by the issues of the Dominion of Canada to date.


DIGITAL VERSION - Canada and Provinces 7th Edition - £19.95

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