No Longer Available - CANADA 1877 SG63, 91, 96 Cover x2 to Scotland Macnair correspondence

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1877 pair of printed covers from Centreville, Nova Scotia, to Scotland, Macnair correspondence, 5c UPU rate, the first franked by 1868-90 Large Queen 5c olive-green, perf 11¾x12, tied by 'CENTREVILLE (KINGS) / N.S' cds (JA 8), with red 'PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR.PACKET' transit cds (22 JA) at lower left, and backstamped at Kentville (JA 8), Halifax (JA 9) and Edinburgh (JA 22), the second franked by 1873-79 Small Queen 1c orange-yellow horizontal pair and 3c orange-red, tied by individual strikes of 'CENTREVILLE (KINGS) / N.S' cds (FE 26), with 'GLASGOW PACKET / PAID / 14 MR / 1877' transit ds below, and backstamped at Kentville (FE 26), Halifax (FE 27) and Edinburgh (MR 14). Odd imperfections, still a very neat and attractive matching pair, the first very scarce. [N.B. The change of franking suggests that supplies of the Large Queen 5c were exhausted by February 1877.]


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