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Key Selling Features

  • The 2018 edition has been extensively updated with all prices reviewed and revised in line with the current market.
  • Priced listings of definitives and commemoratives, regionals, postage dues, departmental officials, postal fiscals, errors, first day covers, booklets, specimens and post office sheets (“Smilers”).
  • Commemorative design index included.
  • Straightforward listing of Post Office Telegraph stamps, based on listings in the GB Specialised Catalogue, including major errors and specimens.
  • A helpful table provides an easy reference guide to collectors of the popular source and date codes on the “U” series Machins.
  • Listings are complete from May 1840 to March 2018.
  • Booklet panes, including those with inverted watermarks listed up to 1952.
  • Helpful introductory notes.

Also new for 2018:

  • The design index has been further revised, making it even more comprehensive and much easier to use.
  • Prices now given for used booklet panes of Edward VII and George V.
  • Listings of multicoloured commemoratives now incorporate stamp descriptions, rather than colours, for easier identification.
  • Further notes throughout the catalogue give additional guidance to the collector.
  • The 2018 edition of the Concise sees the most comprehensive re-evaluation of pricing undertaken in a generation. For basic stamps the revised prices reflect the currently soft market for stamps of the present reign, but there are increases among earlier issues, some Elizabethan varieties and Machin definitives.
  • PHQ card and presentation pack listings include Royal Mail reference codes for easy identification.
  • Listings of popular Post & Go stamps are brought right up to date, with clear notes describing stamps from different machines and the Type IIIA stamps from Royal Mail Series II machines listed and priced. Separate tables give details of those only available at exhibitions and museums.
  • The Machin definitives are amalgamated in an easy-to-find separate section and fully updated. The highly collectable source and date codes are individually priced. Further improvements to the Machin and Post & Go sections make the 2018 Concise the perfect catalogue for the modern GB collector, as well as the more traditional philatelist.

Detailed Contents/Countries Covered

  • Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Stamp Catalogue lists and prices all British stamps from 1840 to March 2018.
  • Every different stamp design is illustrated in full colour.
  • Listings include changes of watermark, perforation, shade and phosphor.
  • First day covers, Royal Mail postage labels, Post Office (PHQ) Cards, presentation packs, booklets, postage dues, regionals, official stamps, postal fiscals, PO telegraph stamps and Post Office label sheets (Smilers) all listed and priced.
  • Gutter Pairs and “Traffic light” Gutter Pairs listed and priced in mint sets.
  • First Day Covers for Special Issues from 1924 and for King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth definitives.
  • Prestige Booklet panes included for Queen Elizabeth II.
  • All British Post Office special First Day of Issue postmarks are priced on cover.
  • Quick reference diagrams for listed Machin decimal booklet panes.
  • Visible plate numbers listed for Victorian stamps.
  • Unmounted and mounted mint prices given for stamps issued between 1887 and 1935 and on-cover prices from 1840 to 1911.
  • Major errors, including double or missing colours, imperforates, missing phosphors and embossing and watermark errors listed and priced.
  • Helpful introductory section providing philatelic definitions and guidance for the collector.
  • Comprehensive indexes of Machin definitives.
  • Commemorative Design Index.
  • Useful table of postage rates contemporary with NVIs.
  • Inverted, reversed and sideways watermarks are listed and priced.
  • Includes simplified listings of specimen overprints. Post Office Yearbooks and Year Packs.
  • Recently discovered errors and new items now listed.
  • Post & Go stamps fully listed with helpful background information and comprehensive notes on the various machines, inscription types, date codes and errors provided my John M Deering.

Stanley Gibbons Journal

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