Great Britain Postal History List

Featuring a very strong selection of pre-stamp material including a fascinating letter about body snatching in the 1820's.

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GB 1841 SG8m Pl.31 Cover with London 4 MC.

Stock Code: P11202071

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover Hand coloured.

Stock Code: P10110980

GB 1857 SG66 Cover - pre-release

Stock Code: P201001847

GB 1760 Cover - Seven Years War, POW mail

Stock Code: P201005755

GB 1804 Pre-Stamp - IOW Ship Letter

Stock Code: P201006383

GB 1823 Pre-Stamp - IOW India Letter

Stock Code: P201006381

GB 1827-38 Pre-Stamp Newcastle 5th Clause

Stock Code: P201000600

GB 1761 Pre-Stamp Crewkerne to Wells

Stock Code: P190017034

GB 1834 Pre-Stamp Wincanton 5th Clause Post

Stock Code: P201000611

GB 1848 Cover

Stock Code: P201005746

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover

Stock Code: P201001458

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover

Stock Code: P201001962

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover Bridport to Blandford

Stock Code: P201004172

GB 1840 SGME1 Cover

Stock Code: P201001551

GB 1840 SGME2 Cover "May date" usage

Stock Code: P201000423

GB 1840 SG1 Pl.1 Cover - May 14th

Stock Code: P201003758

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.1b Cover

Stock Code: P190015839

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.2 Penny Black

Stock Code: P201003763

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.2 Cover

Stock Code: P201003762

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.10 Cover

Stock Code: P201003761

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.33 Cover - Norwich MC

Stock Code: P201006340

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.27 Cover miniature envelope

Stock Code: P190017217

GB 1843 SG8 Pl.25 Cover

Stock Code: P201006249

GB 1841 SG8p Pl.25 Cover - blue 'Truro' MC

Stock Code: P201005269

GB 1841 SG10m Pl.36 Cover

Stock Code: P201004533

GB 1841 SG8 Pl.21 Cover

Stock Code: P201005731

GB 1850 Railway - Aberdeen Railway

Stock Code: P201006941

GB 1854 SG17 Cover - Missent to Hertford

Stock Code: P201006379

GB 1855 SG17 Cover Warrington "847" Spoon

Stock Code: P201000892

GB 1854 SG19 Pl.4 Cover Glasgow to Nantes

Stock Code: P201006031

GB 1855 SG29,58 Cover

Stock Code: P201003975

GB 1856 SG29 Pl.42 Cover

Stock Code: P190017218